Three Questions to Ask Yourself

1. What do I want to happen should I become incapacitated? Most of us will end up in the position of having diminished capacity or even incapacity. Unfortunately, the trend is to leave our care and decisions to the family member who has the most time or to a facility. These individuals are left with no guidance other than their conscience and fear of the law. Help yourself by selecting an able person and give them guidance.

2. How am I going to pay for healthcare? The cost for long-term healthcare is staggering and hard worked for assets can be spent rapidly. Options include insurance, which is best purchased when you are young, Medicare, which doesn’t cover everything, or Medicaid, which requires poverty level or careful and timely asset planning.

3. What medical treatments do I want to prolong my life? This usually the easiest part of the planning as we generally have an idea. Just make sure it gets put down in writing.

Speak with an a Elder Law attorney to discuss these options.

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